i do i do i do

jon and i traveled up to Minneapolis for a wedding (1 of 8 that we are going to this year) and watched our friends Ann & Dan tie the proverbial knot.  we’ve made a game out of wedding going: we’ve decided (actually it was jon’s idea) to incorporate something fun from each wedding into our own  — this wedding had an awesome candy bar and DIY wine corks as seating cards, so it’s a toss up which idea we’ll be taking…

exploring minneapolis is always a good time too (we think it combines our favorite parts of Chicago with what we love best about the country).  we took sunday to bike around lake calhoun and lake of the isles, and then we brunched at a little bistro called barbette (if i was a yelper this place would get five stars.)  as this blog  continues you’ll come to see that jon is a true midwestern boy — we sat down for our breakfast and he started commenting on all the cheeses — chevre, goat, ricotta, etc — and told me he was going order “bacon and cheddar eggs — i’ve had enough of these funny cheeses, jen.” haha. i giggled and told him to just try the goat cheese with ham and bacon.  he thanked me.

the weekend got even better when we returned to Eau Claire on Sunday afternoon and I got to see my puppy again (his parents had been watching her for the weekend).  Sweet Kinzie back in my arms.

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