august blooms

my drive to work goes something like this: cross over the bridge, pass the blueberry farm, stay right when you see the field of horses, then straight down highway 93 past the dozing sheep, the grazing cows, and the beautiful fields of green.  excecpt in august, they aren’t green — they turn into fields of sunflowers.  can you imagine my excitement when they bloomed? so lovely.

not only do the blooms make the drive more beautiful, but they also make the farmer’s market more colorful — look what Jon and I bought for $5 (that’s right, $5):

we spent the weekend running around with kinzie — exploring the markets and buying furniture for the new apartment.
my favorite part of the new house is probably the bubble machine that jon installed in my bathroom.  how sweet is that? i already have a little radio, but now a bubble machine?  it makes getting out of the tub hard when you’re having a private concert:

and, i do say, the flowers make the kitchen a little more cheerful too:
as do the little wine cork magnets I made:
okay, okay – the last thing I need to share is this pizza farm that we found.  we drove down the backroads (yes, we do spend a lot of time doing this) until we came across this:
The Nelson Farm built a little restaurant the serves only brick oven pizzas, and they make everything from the ingredients grown in the area — the wait was about an hour, but we sat on a blanket, shared a bottle of wine, and enjoyed being together until the pizza was ready.  a perfect day.

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