fall wedding season. not familiar with the term? then you probably haven’t been around me too much the past couple of months — but with 7 weddings to attend between August and November (and a sprinkling of bachelorette parties in there) – it seems like fall, not spring or summer, is the true wedding season.

that said, the past couple of months have been incredible – i can’t think of many things happier than watching my closest friends marry the men that they love.  unlike most people, however, my favorite part of a wedding is never the ceremony – it’s always the first dance, when two people are wrapped up in each other, and swaying to the song that means the most to them.
anywho, i’m on a tangent, because what i meant to write about was amy’s bachelorette party.  amy’s from chicago, and to escape the cold, this midwest dish planned her bachelorette soiree in palm beach florida.  some highlights from the weekend:
a little bit of chi omega love to start out the weekend
 doing florida right and splitting time between the beach and the pool
 bride-to-be taking it in:
this little chi-o shout-out makes me smile, so i had to add:

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