photo challenge

I’ve been working a lot on my photography portfolio lately, and it got me to thinking about other ways to get creative with photography – such as a photo challenge.  So, right here, right now, I am committing myself to a photo challenge, that consists of me photographing, in order, the following things:

1.      Wine
2.      Tea/mugs
3.      Candles in the snow
4.      Blue
5.      White
6.      Purple
7.      Brown
8.      Yellow
9.      Red
10.     Pink
11.     Teal
12.     Black
13.     Green
14.     Boots
15.     Heals
16.     Lace
17.     Dress
18.     Self portrait
19.     Outfit
20.     Clouds
21.     Hands
22.     Feet
23.     Cuddles
24.     Snuggy
25.     Flannel
26.     Ice cream
27.     Faceless self portrait
28.     Flower frowns
29.     Flowers
30.     Books
31.     Pretty pattern
32.     Trees
33.     Sunset
34.     Sunrise
35.     Smile
36.     Something vintage
37.     Balloons
38.     Bubbles
39.     Glitter
40.     Sunlight on the snow
41.     Something funny
42.     Fabric in the woods
43.     Written words
44.     Birthday party hats
45.     Artwork
46.   Coffee
47.   Ice skates

Perhaps a little silly that I stopped at 47, but round numbers like 50 are just as arbitrary as odd numbers like 47, so I’m going with it.  I expect that in some instances I’ll have to deviate from the challenge a little bit because of weather or location (ie I have a lot of vacations coming up), but the idea is mainly to get me out and about using my camera.

Stay tuned! Or should I say focused? hehe 🙂

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