mr&mrs visit isla

jon asked me last night if couples ever divorce so that they can relive their wedding day. he was absolutely kidding, but the sentiment is spot on– it truly is (at least in our case) the happiest day of your life.  i promise to post more on the wedding when the photographer returns the photos, but right now i’m feeling a little excited about the honeymoon.  i was hesitant to go right after the wedding, thinking it might be nice to save a vacation for a time when we actually need one (as opposed to the day after a beautiful celebration with our closet friends and family), but it was absolutely wonderful to sit around for a week and just reflect on how happy the wedding weekend was, and what we are hoping will come next.  point in case, here we are reflecting about how i put a ring on it:


anyway! jon and i decided to honeymoon at isla mujeres (an island off the coast of cancun), based on the recommendation of a friend. luckily for us, her recommendation was spot on — i mean, look at that sparkling turquoise water:

294127_10100204542252509_313887013_n 954733_10100204542302409_319456924_n 984140_10100204542497019_1206727895_n

i’m always up for visiting islands since my love for swimming can only be matched by love for jungle adventures.  in this case, we went zip-lining and sailing, and it was absolutely… fun.  i don’t have any pictures of us sailing, since it happened nearly by accident — we asked if we could rent a sailboat, the men said yes, put us on the boat, and pushed us off to shore.  when we started laughing and just meandering in the ocean, the men realized we didn’t know what we were doing, and they hopped on jet-skis to come get us. something must have gotten lost in translation.  we were thinking they would sail us around on the boat — they thought we were sailors. so it goes.

we did, however, have lessons on how to ride a zip-line, and i would recommend that everyone zipline upside down at least once in their lives 🙂

579310_10100204543085839_1442361522_n 945336_10100204543065879_1722374174_n

the zip-lining was followed by cliff-jumping:


jon is always a bit more skeptical of my adventures, but i always find ways to convince him (like letting him drive a golf cart around the island):


and if that doesn’t suffice, he’ll always cheer up with an oceanside steak dinner:


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