green monster

i suppose the green goddess description is open to interpretation — i think something like health goddess, while jon thinks something like green monster. it’s all about your interpretation.

anyway, i decided to get unpacking some of our wedding gifts, and the juicer was first on my list of things to try out.  i found myself a spicy kale lemonade recipe, and i got right to work with the new machine.



first thoughts? it’s more like a science experiment than a kitchen gadget.  my recipe called for 2 apples, and they were digested and spun into juice almost as quickly as i could open a can of soda… 🙂

i thought the results were delicious. then again, with ginger, coconut water, green apples, and kale, how could it not be?  my husband, however, told me that he planned to stay far away, and that i was free to drink all of his. surprising? no.  
so, my challenge for tomorrow is to juice something that he can’t resist.  something extremely fruity and sweet, and perhaps more akin to ice cream and cotton candy.
i can do this.

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