biking 10,000 lakes

the incredible number of bike paths and trails that wrap around the city and the lakesvery make for adventurous weekends.  jon and i have taken to hopping on the bikes immediately after coffee, and then riding around to see where we end up.  the first saturday we tried this, we saw the secluded and lively lake harriet, and decided that we wanted to have a house near there — the lakes, the trails, the baseball fields, the outdoor concert arena — it all just felt right.

feeling inspired by our successful outing, we did the same thing this past saturday — except we adventured to cedar lake.  while cedar lake isn’t quite as visually stunning, it’s connected to the kenwood trail, and that make for some scenic riding.

10-photo-7 8.30.09 PM

08-photo-6 8.30.10 PM

07-photo-3 8.30.10 PM

05-photo-4 8.30.10 PM

04-photo-5 8.30.10 PM

03-photo 8.30.10 PM

to plan your own trip, check out this map of the minneapolis bike trails:

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