urban bean

i’ve only lived in minneapolis about 2 weeks now, so i’m not an expert on the local weather, but i keep hearing people exclaim that we’ve had a more rainy spring than usual.  i surely hope their exclamations are warranted, because we’ve only had about 3 sunny days this season (luckily, one of them fell on my wedding day).

while most people dislike rainy days, i find that they are rather perfect for relaxing indoors with coffee and a book. which, fortunately, i can do for hours (or days, in this case).

to switch things up, i’ve taken to trying new coffee spots, and the exploration has paid off greatly: i discovered the urban bean.  now, i’m a bit of a coffee snob (who isn’t, really? don’t we all drink it at least once a day?) and i’m telling you this place is delicious.  but i’m not sure it’s really just about the coffee — it probably has just as much to do with the quaint space, the mellow tunes, the decorative blooms.

with coffee shops like this, the rain can just keep coming…


hint, try the vegan hollybars — they are delicious.


window view from my seat:


me taking creepy photos of the people next to me:


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