cheesy spoilers

i had so much fun watching the twins beat the brewers last week that i didn’t think twice when jon mentioned we should get tickets to last night’s phillies/twins game.  our friend andy was in town from madison, and the sun was shining — signs were pointing to a perfect summer night.  

andy (former elephant keeper turned dentist):


summer night at the ballpark:


the evening took a turn for the worse in the first inning, when the phillies scored an easy run, and it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be much fun for the twins fans.  to make things worse, aaron hicks was injured, and so we didn’t get to watch my favorite player.  the find score ended up being 3-2 phillies, and it reminded me of the adage “to the victor- the spoils” (ie, all the fun at the end of the night.. it’s never quite as nice to leave the ballpack wishing you had fun as celebrating in the streets).


lucky for us, the company was excellent, and i laughed so hard i cried not once, but twice. maybe the quote should really be the ‘to the friendly, the spoils?’ okay okay okay, that’s perhaps the cheesiest thing i’ve ever said — but i’m not taking it back. 

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