infused delight

jon’s brother came into town yesterday, and we got a bit ambitious with our attempts to show him a good time.  we spent the day at the stone arch festival in northeast, and then had dinner at aster cafe.


the highlight of stone arch festival was the weather — not to say the festival wasn’t great, but walking around the river, soaking up the sun, and taking in the music made the event just about perfect.  for dinner we headed to the riverfront aster cafe, and sat on the patio while we sipped infused teas (the bar speciality):





our friend samantha met up with us for dinner, and the two of us were loving on the dinner menu. we split ceviche salad and fig flatbread, and thought the evening would be excellent if it ended right there.  the men we were with, however, differed — they complained the menu didn’t have any man food, and they made us go to chipotle before we headed to indeed  brewery for a birthday party.  the lesson here is that aster cafe is delicious — but probably better for girls night than date night.

and what of indeed brewery? well, the place reminded me a lot of harriet brewing — the beer were similar, the food trucks were similar, and the warehouse effect was, you guessed it, similar.  the difference was in the shuffleboard table.



shuffleboard has been my favorite bar game since college in new orleans (a popular tuesday night competition), but the beloved tables are hard to come by.  minneapolis seems to have more than most though, and i’m on a hunt to find all of them.  so far i’ve played at bulldog, moto-i and cafeteria. readers know about my love for the bulldog and the cafeteria, but i haven’t mentioned my equal dislike for moto-i — the bar seems to be trying to hard (offering a rooftop, three floors, and shuffleboard), but just not delivering (the drinks are subpar, the bar is dark, and the server are angry).  

but anyway, enough of that. tomorrow is monday and i could not be more excited.  monday means yoga, monday means cleaning, and monday means fresh starts.  i might be the only girl who ever loved mondays, but it’s nice to relax after the weekend and gear up for the week to come.

chat soon!

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