minnesota nice

whenever i tell people that i’m new to the area, they immediately tell me their top 3 favorite places in the city.  a name that keeps coming up is patina, a local gift shop that people describe as a cross between anthropologie and paper-source.  i didn’t believe anything could be quite that great, so i decided to investigate for myself.


the store was everything that i had been promised.  delights of all kinds kept the place interesting — from the endearing:


to the giggle inducing:


the best part of the shop, however, was that it provided a solution to my week-long quest for jon’s 1 month anniversary present. i know, i know — people don’t celebrate the months, it’s the years that matter, wah wah wah. i like to celebrate. and so- when i saw this shirt, i knew my search had come to an end — i love the quirky “minnesota nice’ concept. i bought jon the blue men’s version.


the store wrapped the gift (for free) and i spent a coupe minutes amusing myself by looking at pretty things. win win.



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