shots shots shots (with kids)

per usual, we began our saturday with a bike ride through the lakes.  jon was feeling sore from softball, and so a bit of complaining was going on (he usually starts singing when he’s upset, so as he was struggling to make it up the hills, he was singing ‘oh what a beauttttiful morning…’ in his most sarcastic voice. just when i thought we would have to turn around to appease him, we saw a lemonade stand.  lemonade, so you know, is jon’s favorite drink besides redbull and coffee.


jon asked the boys for 6 cups of lemonades, and the kids looked like they had hit the jackpot — 6?!  “yes.. line them up.. 4 for me, 2 for her.”  the two boys counted the cups carefully, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then stared at jon in disbelief as they poured one after the other.  the lineup made me rap out “shots shots shots, everybody!” in my head, and then jon drank the cups (including mine) in a similar shotgun style.


since he was feeling better after the lemonade, he decided that we didn’t have to go home right away — we could compromise — and bike to places around the city where you could sit down.  sounds silly, no? i kept thinking that it would be funny if his mom called and asked what we were doing “biking” he would say, and she would ask “where to?” and then his response “anywhere that has a place to sit.”


we did find some interesting chairs though, no? one was made of stone and the other was made of yarn.  like most of our bike rides, we ended up at the lake — another happy saturday.


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