missing mermaid

last night was the resident appreciation party at blue, and jon and i arrived in the middle of a chaotic moment — there was a missing mermaid.  the chef asked the bartender where she was, and the bartender went and asked the cocktail waitress — the room was abuzz with questions about the mysterious mermaid and her whereabouts.  while part of me wanted to play nancy drew, grab my magnifying glass and get to the bottom of this mystery, the other part of me just wanted to enjoy the party.  the party loving side of me won out, and we ended up drinking flavored redbulls at the pool while the dj played songs about how much miley cyrus loves america.



the party was reminiscent of a college frat party (men in popped collars danced on innocent bystanders and girls with too much plastic surgery cut the bathroom line), and the spectacle made the event perfect for people watching.



the people watching paid off when we spotted the mermaid drinking in the pool (she showed up mid-party — not sure what delayed her, and i’m a little upset that i didn’t ask her about it):


the mermaid flipped and flopped, but she was eventually outdone by the firedancers that came to close out the party for the night:


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