hold the kiss

Jon and I got our wedding pictures back yesterday, and we hopped in bed to review them one by one. The photographer sent us 800 pictures, and so I marked a folder “favorites” to begin an organization system. After the 50th picture, however, Jon turns to me and points out a flaw in my method -“They are all your favorite, Jen.” I began contemplating solutions, but Jon broke in with “Can we speed up? The whole morning is just your friends.” Favorite photo of said girls:


And, indeed, it was. The first 200 pictures were photographs of me and my bridesmaids giggling, drinking mimosas, eating bratwurst (on Wisconsin!) and taking a comically long time to get dressed. All 200 of these photos ended up in a folder called “before the kiss,” and the other 600 landed in a logically titled “after the kiss.”




ImageAll the pictures with Jon (“after the kiss”) make me smile just thinking of them – marrying him will always be one of the best things that ever happened to me. And still, whenever I’m going through the pictures, I have this HOLD THE KISS feeling that makes me want to linger on the images of just the girls.


The first ¼ of my wedding pictures are revealing of the first ¼ of my life – the highlights come from moments with my friends. I’m going to make a wedding album this week, and, yes, the first ¼ will only be pictures of my favorite girls. As I view the album in years to come, I will turn the first pages ever so slowly as that ‘hold the kiss’ feeling returns.

Thanks to Kate Bentley Photo for taking such beautiful pictures. You’re the best, Kate!

12 thoughts on “hold the kiss

  1. It just goes to show how amazing you are Jen. Each of us is a different part of you and you were able to bring 11 different people together and create new lasting friendships. Getting ready for your wedding will always be a highlight of my life.

  2. Very cute Jen. I love that outlook of “Before the Kiss” being the first part of your life. And you look beautiful!!! Love yellow. Yellow should be everyone’s wedding color!

  3. Loooooove your wedding pics! I just saw a few of your comments on the MN Blogger page and had to come over and see your blog (because I am a creepy stalker like that). Good to “meet” you. I did the whole farm wedding too!

  4. I’m addicted to your photos!!! These are genius, no wonder you couldn’t decide which ones were your favorite! You pay your photographer not to suck – clearly they did their job!

    Congrats ok the nuptials!

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