take your wife to work day – 10 reasons to start celebrating now

I never quite understood the expression ‘lovers don’t sleep’ until Jon and I tried to balance our relationship with work, school, and other pressing obligations.  When we started dating, he was working 15 hour days, and would often get home well after midnight.  I, on the other hand, was balancing my 8-5 job with graduate school.   My eyes twitched and my bed missed me, but I managed it.  And Jon, to his credit, worked 9am-midnight, and then came over to visit.  The only time we were both free was between the hours of midnight and 6am, and so we learned how to keep quiet for the roommates, where to get dinner at 2am, and which taxi companies would answer calls at 4am.


Life would have continued this way, except we came up with a brilliant plan – we would begin “take your girlfriend to work day.”  Now, a few years later, the tradition has become “take your wife to work day” – which essentially means I show up with lunch and treats.  Yesterday was one of these days, and I came to the office with turkey sandwiches, lemonade, and cupcakes.  Jon escaped the office to picnic under the sun for an hour:


Now, my top 10 reasons for starting your own Take Your Wife to Work Day (wife is interchangeable – girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, etc):

  1. Wife makes better meals than the office cafeteria or the local Chipotle.
  2. Visiting lets her put a face to the cast of characters in the daily “How was your day?” report
  3. Wife can balance husband’s work persona with stories about how he sings in the shower, makes breakfast in bed, and is likely America’s favorite person.
  4. Wife puts husband in better mood for the whole day.  In the morning, he looks forward to her visiting, and in the afternoon he’s well-fed and happy that she came.
  5. Wife can update husband’s music list (or Pandora, Songza, etc) so that he isn’t annoying colleagues by listening to his Eminem mixtape from college.
  6. Wife can remove shredded paper and redbull cans from office floor so that others may enter.
  7. Wife can convince the boss that extra vacation is truly necessary (he definitely needs to spend 2 extra days on that road trip if he’s going to come back relaxed…)
  8. Frequent visits make the workplace +1 events less awkward if she has already met everyone in the office.  No sense introducing yourself over and over again at each holiday party.
  9. Wife can gain you the appreication of your colleages by bringing cookies for the office.  Suddenly they forget what they were so upset about this morning…
  10. Wife can remind you that no matter how your day is going at work, you’re loved  and you’re missed at home.

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