live where the green grass grows

the best thing about  country fest isn’t the music, the green grass, the cheesecurds, or the endless blue sky (even though all these things are very, very nice) but the emphasis on finding joy in simple living.


Yesterday we drove way on back, crossed a few creeks and a couple little shacks, and then we kicked it into four wheel drive until we heard banjos.


CountryFest is a commitment – beginning at 11am and going until 1am, you and 60,000 of your closest friends are spending the day picnicking on the lawn, singing about how working hard puts beer on the table, and taking in the sunshine.

A highlight for me, was when hunter Hayes played “I want crazy.” the song is about a man wanting an all consuming love, even when something else might be more convenient. Rocking in Jon’s arms and listening a to the lyrics, I felt extremely grateful (blessed) to have that “can’t sleep, can’t breathe without you” love”- but the real importance of the song seemed to be about making love the center of your life ( not just romantic love, but friends and family too).
When love is our focus, little things like cold beer and sunshine are enough to make an ordinary day somewhat perfect.  If we focus on love, then we receive true happiness from the laughter and shared memories that we have with our friends, family, and sweethearts.  My sweetheart and I ended the day skyjumping:


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