cabin hopping tradition

we left many of our dear friends in chicago when we moved to minneapolis but, luckily for us, some of them have cabins in minnesota.  what that translates to on fourth of july weekend is what I’m dubbing “cabin hopping.”  jon and i are planning to zip up and down the land o’lakes to  swim, grill, and light sparklers with our northwoods friends.

the trip got me thinking about appetizers and desserts, and what sort of snacks i should bring when we visit our guests – a number of dishes raced through my mind, but nothing sounded that appealing.  it got me thinking about what i loved best about my mom’s best dish – true love cake.  now, true love cake is some sort of pistachio, cherry, chocolate concoction that is probably a little heavy for a summer bbq.  and, to be honest, i’m not sure i like the cake that much (don’t you dare tell) despite requesting that she make it for almost every single birthday.  and then it hit me: what i liked about the cake so much was the name, and the tradition that we attached to it – a true love cake for all our special occasions.  so, to jazz myself up about baking, and to begin some traditions of my own, i made “meet the parents asparagus” and “freedom sticks.”

“meet the parents asparagus” is so named because it is the dish that i made the first time.. you guessed it.. i  met jon’s parents.  it’s simple, delicious, and even without any cooking experience, you can’t mess it up: just wrap asparagus in blue cheese and bacon, and then cook on the grill for 10 minutes or so, or until the bacon is crispy:



now, “freedom sticks” is more of a fun holiday treat that i envision making with my kids every year on july 3.  also a simple recipe, you simply cover marshmallows in white chocolate, and then place them on kabobs with strawberries and blueberries.



definitely husband-approved– jon started eating them as soon as he got home from work. hopefully some of them make it to the cabin:)


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