the interesting inheritance

i like waking up before the rest of the city — early enough to take a walk and watch as the city wakes up.  everyone seems perfectly at peace as they travel to work, get ready for the morning, and prepare for their activities.  as the day progresses, people seem to tire or get excited, but the morning is generally characterized by a kind of peaceful simplicity that i’ve always enjoyed.  i tend to wake before dawn, and i  try to read a bit or go for a walk before i begin the day.  when i’m at the cabin, this usually means that i venture off to find a hidden path where i can think/read/journal for a bit.  i snuck out before sunrise today, and i was delighted to find this trail:

Imagei traveled to the lake, and then i began the delightful business of finishing my current read, the interestings.

Imagethe novel follows five artistic friends through high school and into their careers to discover what makes someone successful — talent, motivation, connections, money, or some combination of things.  unfortunately, however, the novel is told from the perspective of an incredibly jealous and callow woman, and it gives the read a negative tone.  i wanted to jump into the book and ask her to be happy for her friends, or, at the very least, to only worry about herself.  perhaps the book was such a let down because i finished a dual inheritance last week – an incredible book with a somewhat similar plot.  a dual inheritance follows two friends from their senior year at harvard through their retirement, and investigates how the nature vs. nurture battle alters the course of our lives.  if you’re deciding between the two, read a dual inheritance.




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