waiting only makes the finding sweeter

my grandparents had the kind of love that inspired movies and novels, and as far back as i can remember, i wanted to be just like them.  i wanted to find someone that would be my best friend, someone that even after 20 years would make me run to the door when i heard their key in the lock.  city dwellers would say that i was a child bride at 26, but in my head i was pretty late in the game for sharing a lifetime of memories with someone.  when i met jon, however, i found that all the waiting only made the finding sweeter.  i look back and i suppose i don’t mind the waiting at all — it just becomes part of the story.


today i wanted to make ginger lemonade and serve it up in a midwest wineglass, and i had to convince myself about the value of waiting as i went.  the cutting of the lemons and the drying of the glue was a bit trying, but i just kept thinking maybe the lemonade would taste all the sweeter for the wait? i made the midwest wine glass out of dollar store candlesticks and dollar store mason jars (yes, as in, $2 each):



Imagei made the four midwest wineglasses, and then i set about making the ginger lemonade.  the recipe is simple: mix 5 lemonades and 4 inches of ginger-root in a juicer with honey and a bit of sugar.





One thought on “waiting only makes the finding sweeter

  1. I absolutely love those glasses! And they’re perfect for lemonade…and I would imagine various colourful sorbets maybe. Those glasses have a good future.

    I just finished going through your wedding posts. Congratulations! You did have a beautiful wedding!

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