maybe she’s a wildflower? flowers for strangers

i went to the farmer’s market early this morning to get fresh ingredients for my supper club tonight.  there is something inspiring about the market — the bright colors, the fresh fruits and vegetables, the artisans and farmers proud of their work.  visiting has always been a source of inspiration, and today was no exception.  after i selected the vegetables for my dinner dish,  i wandered over to the florist to select flowers. i got a little excited about the $5 price tag, and so i bought three enormous bouquets:Imagejust holding the flowers made me about as giddy as my random acts of happiness experiment, and so i decided to do a similar project.  everyone loves flowers, right?  perhaps a fresh bouquet would brighten someone’s day.  i broke the bouquets into smaller bundles, and then i meandered to the park to disperse the fresh buds:ImageImageImageImageImagei would say the experiment was definitely successful — all the recipients seemed happy to be given flowers by a stranger.  mission complete.  here are some other fun pictures from the market:ImageImageImageImageImage


4 thoughts on “maybe she’s a wildflower? flowers for strangers

  1. what an amazing idea! it would definitely make my day if a stranger walked up to me with flowers and gave them to me 🙂 you’re so sweet to do this.

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