frosting to my cupcake, baseball field to my sunny day

the best journeys are those that we take together.  have you ever gone somewhere wonderful by yourself and just wished someone was there to share the experience with you?  shared experiences allow you to look back in a year or two and remember what made the  moment so delightful.  my adventurer hat is always on, and i’m your go-to-girl if you want to spend a day, week, or month exploring.  the thing is, i like doing all of these things with someone — frosting to my cupcake, a baseball field to my sunny day, a lake to my sailboat (you get the idea).

as much as i like exploring, i’ll tell you that moving causes a number of problems.  its not often that you can get a friend to move with you, and so making the transition can be, well, lonely at times.  i’ve moved more than almost anyone i know — from phoenix to new orleans (for college), from new orleans to rome (study abroad), from new orleans to mexico (volunteer), from mexico to chicago (grad school), from chicago to mondovi (jon’s job transfer) and most recently, from mondovi to minneapoils.  phew! i told jon i want to stay in minneapolis for-ev-er. but, what i’ve learned along the way, is that having friends makes any place a home.  the places i’ve enjoyed the most have always been the places that i had the most friends – hands down.  nothing matters much in a city – museums, lakes, restaurants, theaters – if you don’t have friends to enjoy it with.480122_10100222056848119_1432639333_n
so!  last week i noticed a girl moving into the  apartment right next to mine, and i offered to help her move a few items.  i ended up chatting with her parents, and learning that she was moving to minneapolis alone to take a new job (she was from chicago).  i thought about her for a few days, hoping she was doing well, and then today i took action by inviting her to hang out sometime:ImageImageImageImage

7 thoughts on “frosting to my cupcake, baseball field to my sunny day

  1. These thoughts have been heavy on my mind too, Jen. But from the other point of view. I’ve never moved. But I can tell you that home doesn’t always feel like home when your best friends have moved away. Those people that you create the memories with, make the difference. Missin you always….

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