a kind heart behind the camera

Imagethe only thing better than making people smile is capturing that happiness in a photograph.  photographs have this wonderful ability to express emotions and convey ideas that are often impossible with words – essentially letting the photographer express the unspeakable.

i went to cinque terre with a dear friend, emily, a few years ago, and i kept asking strangers to take pictures of us together.  i wanted to document the memory and have images to review when i felt compelled to ‘remember the time.’
emily happily agreed, and she smiled at tourist destinations until my collection of images grew large enough to fill an album.  never once did emily ask someone to take a picture of her, and when i inquired why, she explained that she liked being behind the camera – capturing other people in moments that she could look back on.  she was more interested in documenting the sincerity, genuineness, and spontaneity that characterizes the candid, private photographs.

at the time, her response only prompted me to grab her camera and see what gems her sneakiness had produced.  since then, however, i’ve continually reflected upon that moment as being very revealing of her selflessness.  it takes a kind heart to find the infinite in seemingly ordinary, every day activity.

luckily for me, my wedding photographer didn’t ever get very far from away from her:

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