finding happiness in the little things

jon is one of those people who doesn’t just like working, but truly loves his job. he rises bright and early (6am), drinks his coffee, kisses my cheek, and then has fun (believe it or not) crunching numbers until 5pm.  with traffic and whatnot, i can usually expect him home for dinner around 6pm.
running a 5k has been on my bucket list for a while, and so when a friend invited me to run esprit de she, i was all about it.  registration began at 4:30, so i drank 3 chocolate coconut waters (i’m absolutely addicted), made a t-shirt for the event, and put on my lucky sneakers (i’ve had them since sophomore year of high school).

i was feeling pretty good about trying something new, but i was feeling even better when jon came home from work at 4pm (just as i was about to leave).  he had decided to take the afternoon off to support me during my first race.

since the race is called esprit de she (french for ‘the spirit of her’), he was 1 man in a crowd of 1,500 women.  if that’s not love, then i don’t know what is.
jon managed to take this photo of me crossing the finish line:
things got interesting while we were enjoying burgers on the patio after the race. someone in the apartment noticed my running gear, and they asked me about my time results.  before i could speak, jon excitedly responded “she did amazing — 5 miles in 30 minutes!”  the sweet guy was beaming and so proud.

it was with great regret that i explained a 5K is 3.1 miles- not 5… 🙂

oh, and in case you were wondering about the t-shirt i made for the race:

One thought on “finding happiness in the little things

  1. Love that hashtag! #runningonhappiness It’s so cute Jon came to watch you for your race! And that’s hilarious someone thought they ran 5 miles in 30 minutes… I would be excited too! Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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