fall in love in 5 seconds (guaranteed)

jon’s love for me must have something to do with cheese.  the man is wisconsin grown, and he was raised on cheese curds, string cheese, cheese puffs, and all things served with cheese.  and then there is me: a certified cheeseball.  Imagei definitely amped up the cheese today with the mushiest RAH RAH RAH (random act of happiness) yet: a 5 second way to fall in love.  what does this mean exactly? it means, in my mind anyway, that you can fall (or run/walk/skip) in love simply by going down the stairs. perhaps this isn’t exactly what people envision when they think of falling in love, but it still qualifies by definition (especially if you actually fall down the stairs).

since architects aren’t building stairs of love all over town, i took matters into my own hands and decorated the stairwell at lake calhoun with red and white hearts.  i ran down the stairs a few times for good luck.  i didn’t actually fall down them, but maybe someone else will? that might be a little funny. and perhaps they would fall in love after? or maybe they would smile once they tumbled to the ground and realized that someone had decorated the stairs with hearts.  either way, a win win.  ImageImageImage
a big thank you to bluebird boutique for helping me look so stylish today — couldn’t have done it on my own : ) And if you like these photos, check out Theresa Swensen photography in Minneapolis.  Teresa’s a sweetheart that just decided to start a career in photography, and can take gorgeous photographs for you!

12 thoughts on “fall in love in 5 seconds (guaranteed)

  1. I don’t know if this is going to make you happy. It made me happy. This is what I found interesting about this post:

    1. You said Jon’s love for you must have had something to do with cheese, after all he’s from Wisconsin and you are a cheese ball. I thought of the allusions to cheese:
    a. An important person, which you are to each other.
    b. To look out. Your post deals with keeping an eye out since this stuff happens pretty fast.
    c. To get away fast. As I said, the love of your life could get away in an instant, one wrong facial gesture could end it.
    d. To stop, meaning in this case to stop trying.
    e. To act in a groveling manner; well, there are a number of ways of interpreting this act. Someone’s got to be shy or at least fake it if say Jon was having trouble. I do admit that women who are interested in me have to make quite the effort. I am usually too afraid or more likely oblivious.
    f. Toe jam. Not romantic in the least, but certainly subconsciously in the back of my mind as with all romance, there’s a certain amount of reality to face.
    g. Boredom. I am not sure there’s much of that at this point.

    2. You guaranteed falling in love in 5 seconds. I tend to agree. All the women I have loved were within that ballpark. It was more like one second. I am a man; what can I say. All the other stuff besides the visual were just affirmations. Falling in love doesn’t mean getting along or implying a conversation that lasts. That’s another level.
    a. You said you could fall down in seconds. Good example.
    b. Meet the person of your dreams. I talked about that.

    3. Architects don’t build stairs of love, at least not typically. I love how you are encouraging love and coincidence for others. You, at least, cause them to think about it.

    4. It is a win/win situation and thus you allude to the happiness you deserve.

  2. What I found interesting in this post or how it related to me:

    “We are what we love.” I find this statement intriguing. There was a book I read, Self-Portrait with Woman: A Novel by Andrzej Szczypiorski, which alludes to this, where he said that the women he loved represented who he was.

    He “Tell[s] his own story through a gallery of portraits of the many women he has loved. These reminiscences emerge against the broader canvas of circumstances and events that have shaped the past sixty years of Poland’s turbulent, tragic history. Soon he finds himself inexorably drawn to his interrogator from the ‘free’ world, the chronicler of his life, the keeper of his secrets, and his heart’s last hope for redemptive love. Self-Portrait with Woman is at once a haunting and lyrical portrait of a man, of a country, and of the twilight years of an era.” (Taken from: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1415030.Self_Portrait_with_Woman)

    I loved the book. It reminded me of the women I have loved. They represented everything I have ever wanted from life and so I guess you could call them my purpose, which I know sounds sad. But, as an artist, I see their beauty as a kind of truth about what stops me aesthetically and causes me to think about my own life. How they made me feel as we spoke or how it felt to make love to them. It was like dreaming. It seriously was like a drug. To this day they haunt me and thus in a way they make up my present life. They color my deepest thoughts, stifle my subconscious, since they are exes and I pine for no reason.

    And thus for whom I pine, I am drawn. Your words could not be more true: “They center us, they drive us, they define us to our very core.”

    In the meantime, I love art and the hope that someone who pines for another will wake up and see me, except that I know this is a futile hope.

    Somehow, we all wish that our dreams could be realized and we wait and we wait.

    Laughter, in my case, is at the futility of the investment. I actually think that someday I will love again. But, I also realize against the backdrop of my engagement with writing, that I do not have a Room of My Own unless I work for it and if I want such a relationship I will have to work for at least one other and perhaps I will have to work for two more as the women I love always want children.

    I am content with my calm life too, except that this yearning is like hunger, but there is only an empty refrigerator when it comes to an intimate meal.

    I have my artistic projects and a few friends, but no wife.

    I am looking forward to meeting my best friend. I so believe that. The current woman, with whom we can talk for hours is talking about her ex. It is funny how their relationship ended almost as soon as I met her. I don’t get my hopes up. I have been burned before.

    I believe in telling the truth and so while I help her, I do not withhold that she didn’t truly know him just as she did not know that I was interested in her.

    I make her laugh by advising some extreme punishment for him. But, I am never serious because I know that the heart does not lie and I support that. I think that is the lesson I am learning. I trust the heart and it takes two of the same mind.

    I am never without a book either. I am about to review The History of Madness by Foucault before I study for the LSAT. Most people don’t read books like Foucault’s because they are perceived as difficult. They are, but this one in particular is not difficult until the end when Foucault actually starts talking about his theory. I can’t even begin to tell you what he means by the mad, except that it may have to do with taking oneself for someone who they are not, but these are only the signs combined with capability.

    I agree about the run and the sun. I should have run instead of eaten the Choco Taco. I don’t drink coffee unless I sit in a cafe, where if I can, I order food instead.

    I believe in soulmates, but there are many and I wonder why if there are many why I can’t find one. What am I doing wrong? I remember reaching for my wife when we slept together. I loved her more than myself.

    I believe in the start of something new as well. Let this be the beginning.

  3. How cute are you!? And I love when I can read about bloggers who live near me (okay KIND OF near me… River Falls is sort of next door to Minneapolis, right)?

  4. You know I’ve been thinking about your blog all morning, I love the way you always scatter love and joy. We need more people like you in the world!

    • that’s so sweet of you to say– thank you! i’m thinking about coming up with a small list of projects that others could do if they were interested in participating in the RAH RAH RAH projects 🙂

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