enjoy the little things

I spent most of today reading in bed, and I really only left the apartment a few times to take Kinzie for a walk.  And yes, to paint the picture, I walked her around in my pajamas.  At noon.  But you know what? I feel pretty okay about that.

I did manage to finish Tell the Wolves I’m Home, wash all the bedding, and give Kinzie a much needed bath.  Nothing extraordinary happened today, but that’s perfectly alright.  Today was only characterized by the little things, but it was perfectly enjoyable, and that, in and of itself, is worth writing about.

3 thoughts on “enjoy the little things

  1. When you can take time and just “be” yourself, those are the best kinds of days. I remember intentionally spending an entire day when we were recently up in the mountains pulling out my chair, placing it in the middle of a stream, and reading all day long. I did nothing and everything at the same time. We remember those simple days as much, if not more, than some profound moments because we are our true selves in those times 😉

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