good books and the people that read them

Imagei like good books and the people that read them. i enjoy the lyrical quality of words playing together, and when i find someone that enjoys books as much as i do, i know i’ve found a friend. today my random act of happiness went a little, well, not-so-random in an effort to make my fellow readers smile.

i made simple bookmarks out of construction paper, crayons and pins, and then i hid them in novels throughout my favorite minneapolis bookshop.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


5 thoughts on “good books and the people that read them

  1. What an awesome idea 🙂 Spread the love. And to see an “old-school” bookworm that still likes to actually pick up a real book and not an e-reader. I don’t know why, but there is just something about holding a book in your hands, feeling the pages, and physically turning them. No electronic device will ever be able to fill that need 😉 A bookstore is more than a place to buy books. It’s a place to be surrounded by “everything” from art to technology to literature to music to stories. Wow, I’ve really gone off on a tangent now, haven’t I? 😉 Can you tell I am passionate about reading?

    Thanks for the smile on a Friday afternoon 🙂

    • i feel exactly the same way. i keep all my books because i write in the margins as i read them, and i love going back to them to remember what i was thinking at the time. can’t do that with a kindle, can you? ps – i was inspired by your day at the lake with a book 🙂

  2. Love the quote! You really are a lovely person. I don’t know anyone who would take the trouble to make goodies for people they may never even meet! The bookmarks are really cute, and a wonderful idea!! I like the buttons on them.

  3. I am thinking of doing a post where I go into a local bookstore and pick the books I have read or want to read as a list of books I find are important to life. Last night, for example, I was going to buy a copy of Being and Time by Heidegger and simply give it to someone in the cafe I was going to next and say: “You have to read this; it will change your life. It is the first book I read that described exactly what it is like to be alive in a manner of writing that actually was able to speak of all the things that were happening at once.”

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