naked cake party in the streets

ImageA gathering without cake is just a meeting.  Cake transforms events into parties, and the sweet treat has been the honorary centerpiece of birthdays and weddings for centuries.  Last night I threw a party in the streets, and i brought a cake so sweet that Betty Crocker cried tears of jealousy.

I spent 7 years of college attending parties, but never once did I actually bake the kind of 4-tier cake needed for a celebration in the streets.  Let me correct that: the kind of 4-tier naked buttercream cake needed to start a party in the streets of Minneapolis  (naked cake means no frosting on the sides- get it?? it’s naked!)

I enlisted the help of food-blogger Curvy Maven to bring my naked cake dreams to life.  Luckily for me, she showed up with the 4 cake pans, the 12 eggs, the 18 cups of flour, and the 9 cups of sugar needed to bake the Eiffel Tower of cakes.  Homegirl was definitely ready to get this party started (visit her blog to see pictures of us baking).
Turns out the people of Minneapolis are just like me – always hungry and filled with sweet teeth.  That naked cake only lasted 20 minutes on Lake Street in Uptown Minneapolis.  Oh, and guess what?  When a cake eater mentioned it was his birthday, the crowd began singing the happy birthday song to him.  It truly was a party in the streets (the sweetest kind). ImageImage

 Like the aprons? Visit ArtyAprons&Such for your own stylist baking gown.

26 thoughts on “naked cake party in the streets

  1. Sweet … both literally and figuratively 😉 You have the most wonderful ideas for adding a sprinkle of glitter into everyone’s day. Minneapolis is lucky to have you around. Thanks for the smile while drinking my coffee this morning. Now if I could only find me some cake 🙂

  2. You must be the best neighbor EVER! Surprise “welcome” mats and, now, cake. Any chance you might be considering a move to Western Mass?

  3. Best idea ever!!! Seriously….if someone was dishing out free cake, I’d bulldoze through a crowd. So creative, and I’m sure an awesome memory, and story to tell for years to come! Found your link on damsel in Dior, glad I did!


    • you read the story just right:) when we first took the cake into the streets it was still warm from the oven and it started melting in my hands. i thought the whole situation was so funny that i began laughing and had to sit down and put the cake back together. it was a great memory:)

  4. I like a cake that looks like it’s already fallen or been hit by a car. There’s the devil in you walking this down the avenue. It loosens up the spec-cake-tastors and matches your outfit, you cupcake! I don’t know what “Poh, poh, poh” means, but it rhymes with cat. That looks like so much fun. I sent the link to the pastry chef of the Claremont in Berkeley/Oakland. Maybe we can get some naked cakes at our parties. You are so sweet!

  5. This is the funnest party ever! Cake in the streets!! I just love the spontaneity of it all and the fact that it brings random strangers together. Just goes to show cake can bring world peace. And those aprons are so so pretty, thanks for sharing!!

    • I so agree. I think we take ourselves so seriously as to miss an adventure in the streets with people just like us because our cakes are not frosted on the outside. The cake is so beautiful for that reason. The Apartment Wife is such a social activist.

  6. You were right. I LOVE this and I love that you live in the cities (just like me.) I would love to help you carry out one of your random acts of HAPPINESS.

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