the kindness of strangers

It’s amazing what a stranger can offer: a little mercy, a little understanding, a little laughter.  In my experience, our hesitance to interact with strangers only prevents us from expanding our network of friends and acquaintances.  In some cases, our hesitation prevents us from interacting with someone who might truly need a friend.

The rah rah rah projects have encouraged me to think of strangers during my every day activities. I planned to go to the dog park today, and I decided to bring homemade treats for all the pets.  I figured it was a good way to interact with other dog owners, and the snack provided a bonus treat for all the dogs.

If you’ve ever lived alone, you understand how difficult it can be to cook for just one.  Two can even be trying – it seems like most recipes are created for a family of five.  Unfortunately for me, that means a lot of math as I make dinner every night – divide by 2.5, divide by 2.5.  The recipe I used to make dog treats stated that it was enough for 4-5 servings.  Since I was planning to share with the entire dog park, I could spare myself the trouble of dividing as I mixed and stirred.  A small victory.

The larger victory came later, when we got to the dog park and Kinzie was topdog for a couple hours.  She shared treats, made friends, and then returned home for an afternoon nap (from which she still hasn’t returned.)  My victory was hanging out with Anna for a few hours while our dogs ran around the park together.


13 thoughts on “the kindness of strangers

  1. What a cool idea. I think far too many people are hesitant to strike up a conversation with strangers and I’m not sure why. It seems like our cultural interaction has changed so much over the years with the boom of technology. Face-to-face interaction is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Way to go with your RAH RAH project. I hope it begins to trickle across the world, you’ve got a good thing going. P.S. Will you post your dog treat recipe? I am getting a dog soon!

  2. how sweet of you to do that!! and you are right, what a good way to meet people. i have found that dog owners all tend to like each other (for the most part)…i suppose we all have that common bond!

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