graffiti mural in downtown minneapolis

Graffiti art has been on my bucket list for a while, so I decided to make an abstract mural with permanent marker on my favorite white wall in the city.
Just kidding!

Did I getcha? 😉

What I actually did today was write letters to strangers on the backside of colorful construction paper, and then turned the notes into paper airplanes.  I placed the colorful planes around the University of Minnesota campus.
The idea is that a stranger will take the plane out of the tree, and then the letter inside will come be a surprise.  A  discovery, of sorts.  Each letter is unique, and talks vaguely about the importance of taking chances.  When I was in college, I wasn’t entirely sure that studying art history was the greatest choice, but I had faith that the dots would connect down the line.  And you know what? Everything worked out better than I could have imagined.  Nothing at all went according to plan, however.

But still, the message that I wanted to share was simply to be patient, continue to follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to take a risk.
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIsn’t the view of the city from the UofM bridge gorgeous?
The bridge leads right to the art museum, and so, being me, I wandered into the galleries to see some art:
ImageImageImageImageImageAnd speaking of notes, have you seen the Disney short film The Paperman? It’s a ‘must see’ if you have 90 seconds: 

And just because this post is so quirky, I made you this:

17 thoughts on “graffiti mural in downtown minneapolis

  1. You did get me on the wall graffiti, I admit it 😉 Another great idea to inspire people to live their lives. I love it! Being a pilot, I really like the analogy between the paper airplanes and taking risks/chances. Although there is an inherent risk when flying, it can take you to heights never dreamed of before and that should never stop you from pursuing what is important. Thanks again for the wonderful post!

  2. I like this idea and your ideas of spreading cheer and happiness. The short is one of my favorites from Disney and I, myself, am unaware of others most similar to this. I have two things to add: Being on campus myself still if I saw the planes hung up I wouldn’t think to disturb them and investigate further so I would like to know if they do indeed get picked up (as opposed to making the paper airplanes look more like they had gotten stuck in a tree from someone “randomly” throwing a plane or that they were supposed to be found). Secondly, as far as I can tell your exploits have been getting larger or more widespread, are you thinking about growing or continuing even more to spread the area at which you randomly spread joy?

    • i know what you’re saying about the airplanes looking almost too planned — hanging from a thread and all. but, who knows, i imagine someone will take them down at one point and the writing take up the entire back side. another problem is that type of person likely to cut paper airplanes out of trees is probably not the most likely to respond to a stranger’s letter. so there is that. and as for the projects, yes… i’m thinking much, much larger.

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