lights camera happiness

My random acts of happiness certainly make me happy, but I am beginning to wonder if they have a positive effect on anyone else .  I chatted with my friend, Hlee, about researching the nature of happiness, and she suggested we turn happiness interviews into a video.  Of course she would suggest that – she’s a production specialist, and videos are her area of expertise.  As for me, I love collaborating, and so I said yes immediately.

For the project, I made an art book with pictures of fifteen things that people tend to enjoy – such as family, vacations, music, seasons, and so forth – and then asked people which of the images made them most happy.  For the second part of the video, I asked people to name a person that made them even happier than something in the art book.  We had a great time creating the video, and we gained some great insight into what makes the people of Minneapolis happy.  Check it out:

And, if you want to know about the mastermind behind the camera, check out Hlee Productions.

5 thoughts on “lights camera happiness

  1. Great stuff, there seems to be a happiness vibe sweeping through the blogosphere today 😉 I love how you caught your participants off guard with the question about what person makes them happier than their original response. It was really cool to see the gears turning and the proverbial smoke coming from their ears 🙂 I guess it wasn’t coincidence that most of the people turned to the one next to them as *that* person. In thinking about who makes me the happiest, I like to turn it around a bit and say that it’s not who *makes* me happy, but rather who brings out the happy in me. Awesome article and wonderful production, thanks for sharing!

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