sweet strawberry surprise

Jon’s been spending more time than usual at the office, and yesterday he brought a bag of snacks to keep in his desk for early mornings, late nights, and unexpected weekends. His snack bag included gas station favorites like pretzels, beef-jerkey, and cheese-sticks. No doubt perfect for road-trips, but I instantly thought about how his stash could be improved.

Images of his favorite foods raced through my mind – a dazzling mirage of caramels, cotton candy, and ice cream— and I started googling recipes to see what would keep well in his office. The answer seemed obvious when I stumbled upon strawberry shortcake in a jar: it’s berry season, Jon love anything with cake, and the jars are perfect for storing in the office kitchen.

I whipped the cream&sugar, diced the angel food cake, and headed into the office to see my sweetheart.
If you love the recipe as much as I do, check out the artist Benedicte Caillat for similarly-artsy recipes.

8 thoughts on “sweet strawberry surprise

  1. Anyone who brings their husband cake will have a long and happy marriage 😉

    Seriously, the alliteration and title of the post speaks volumes towards the type of person you are. I hope you enjoyed some of it also. Thanks for the smile 🙂

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