public notice to have hope

Each morning, Kinzie licks my face until I wake up, and I spend the next 15 minutes or so walking her through the neighborhood. It’s usually a peaceful time of day, and I enjoy sharing the city with Kinzie before everyone wakes.

Today, however, there were an unusually large number of caution signs in the neighborhood due to the construction going on across the street.  Walking Kinzie, I felt like a child being reprimanded: ‘don’t park here,’ ‘stay on the sidewalk,’ ‘trespassers will be prosecuted,’ ‘no-loitering,’ and ‘we tow’  Goodness gracious, doesn’t anyone have anything nice to say?  Shouldn’t someone take some of this community space to say something… kind?

Well, you guessed it.  I took matters into my own hands and decided to write public letters of encouragement and inspiration.  I scrawled words of wisdom and kindness (quoting the greats — not my own) and hung them on trees around my neighborhood.

Hopefully, just hopefully, someone enjoys the change of scenery and finds comfort in the encouraging letters.

Here are the more permanent signs in my neighborhood:

10 thoughts on “public notice to have hope

  1. You did a good thing. Your signs are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Especially since someone managed to spell “strictly” incorrectly.

  2. We could definitely all use a little more positivity in our world. The words ‘no’ and ‘not’ are used way too often. Even though we may only see these words on signs, sometimes I think that ingrains the thought in our mind and we start using them subconsciously (OK, I’m getting to psychological here ;-)). Seriously though, you have done a great service to turn all that negativity into some positive vibes. Your community should be a very happy place today 🙂

  3. i walk past these signs every day and never realized how negative they all are until now. i like how you decorated the neighborhood with happy words instead of negative ones!

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