honey bbq fried pickle ice cream sandwich

I ran into a dilemma this morning when 4 turkeys wouldn’t fit into my fridge because 20 cucumbers were hogging all the space.  Sounds somewhat like a high school algebra problem, right? But this is real-life people.

Figuring that the turkeys need refrigeration more than the cucumbers, I dumped the veggies on my table and decided to take action: I would turn them into 5 jars of pickles and a dozen honey-bbq fried-pickle ice cream sandwiches. Naturally, right? My favorite foods are ice cream, pickles and BBQ, so that recipe seemed almost obvious.  It’s also the first recipe that I’ve created entirely on my own. Aunt Millie gets all the credit for the delicious sweet pickles though.
Okay, y’all, the honey bbq fried pickle ice cream sandwich is an original recipe, and it goes something like this:
1.) crush up honey bbq potato chips:
2.) create a light batter by adding an egg to the chips:
3.) Dip the pickles into the mixture:
Bake the pickle chips in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees, and then allow to cool for about 90 seconds.  Now, the fun part: put vanilla ice cream between two of the pickle chips, and then top with honey and extra honey bbq chips.  Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “honey bbq fried pickle ice cream sandwich

  1. I’ve got to be honest, as an Aussie this sounds like a totally other-worldly treat! You can put pickles and ice cream together?!? Hahah, I’ll have to try it one day and blow some minds down under 😛

  2. I must say I never would have dreamed up this combination, but my interest has been piqued 😉 This is probably not something we will be able to whip up at our campsite in the mountains, but I may need to bookmark this one for when I get back. Thanks for the spark of creativity once again 😉

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