jig jinx and hijinks

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 7.43.40 AM
I scored mega points in a game of bags this weekend, and I got so excited that I did a little jig.  Jig jinx! What’s a jig jinx? Well, Jon was on my team, and he go so excited about my 10 points that he did the same jig at the very same time: jig jinx.

You’re wondering how we knew the exact same jig, right?

When we first moved in together, Jon and I got into the habit of listening to dance music while we drank our morning coffee & read the Wallstreet Journal.  I know, I know, we’re sooo typical.  Overtime, we came up with four specific dance moves that made us smile.  My drawing skills are atrocious, but the dance moves look something like this:
Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 11.38.50 AM
If you need clarification for how this shakes out, you can see it here:

Now, I don’t know much, but I do know that this dance will make you smile.  It will also make the people around you laugh.  So the next time you’re late for work, or your BFF is having a bad day, repeat step 1 or 2.  If you’re ambitious try to learn the entire jig.  If you’re in good company, you just might find yourself in a case of jig jinx.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 7.43.20 AM

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