let’s play tattoo shop

I like calling my friends to see if they can play.  I started making the formal request in the 6th grade, and I never quite broke the habit.  Friends tell me that it’s not ‘play’ if you’re running errands or going to music festivals or baking a cake, but I persist. Maybe I just like the question.  Strangers try and tell me I’m too old for play, but I can’t hear them because I’m busy on the swings.

I wanted to incorporate play into my RAH RAH RAH series, and so, quite naturally, I decided tattoo parlor would be a fun game.  I designed temporary tattoos on my computer, printed them out, and then called my friends to see if they would play with me.  Lauren agreed under the condition that she could pick out tattoos for strangers.  Chrissy, being difficult, said she would only play if she could place the tattoos on strange body parts.

And so, our trio headed into the streets of Minneapolis to give temporary tattoos to strangers.  We figured that 50% of people would find us annoying and 50% would get a tattoo for kicks. We were very, very wrong. 90% of people wanted tattoos, and our shop closed down from lack of supply within an hour:
I was typing this post and thinking about how awesome Chrissy and Lauren are.  Top notch, really.   Here is your  chance to get to know them:

If you want to download the tattoos I made, you can find them here : tattoo.

19 thoughts on “let’s play tattoo shop

  1. Well COME ON, you couldn’t at least offer to share some of these tattoos with your devoted readers? That doesn’t seem very fair at all. You like to share all of your other project tips and instructions, why not send out some of these to your readers who request one????
    How come it’s always strangers that get the perks???

  2. Um, this is the best thing ever! And I definitely still invite people over to play–it makes even boring things like errands more fun. I love how 90% of the people you met wanted a tattoo, and I am not surprised in the least. What a great way to spread a little joy 🙂

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