getting lost together

Fall is on my mind, and since I’m the cheesiest romantic out there, I’ve been thinking about seasonal date ideas.  I happen to love surprises even more than romance and cheese, and so I created a game that surprises the receiver with fall date ideas.  I’m calling the game ‘Fall in Love,’ but if you’re on the normal end of the romance scale, you can call it anything else that you want.

The game works like this:  write 12 occasions that will occur during the fall season on envelopes, and then the envelopes with surprise dates to be opened on the given occasion.  For example, the envelope that says “1st Day of October” has a card inside that reads ‘we’re going to spend the day at a corn maze.’   The envelopes and cards I made are below, and you can download them here: fall1 and fall2.  Or you can make your own and personalize the dates 🙂

20 thoughts on “getting lost together

  1. It often seems that the anticipation of an event is more fun than the event itself. The mystery of the sealed envelope along with the great ideas inside provides the best of both worlds. Now, you can have your pie (or three) and eat it too 😉 Great idea, enjoy the memories that are sure to be made!

    • have see ‘this emotional life’? it’s a documentary done by pbs, i think, and they talk about how we gain just as much happiness anticipating events as we do actually experiencing them. sort of makes it seem like we should plan more surprises, right?

      • Absolutely 😉 I have to go check out the PBS documentary, thanks for the idea. I’m fixing to surprise my son with a trip to a baseball game on Saturday afternoon. I think you have convinced me to make it a “modified” surprise. I see an envelope to be presented now, but opened on Friday with two tickets inside in his very near future 🙂

  2. Ummm YES PLEASE. Fall is by far my favorite season. And this is such an adorable idea. Things can get pretty busy for me and Darrin in the fall, so putting dates on the calendar for an actual date-night is a must if we ever want to do all the things we want to in the fall! I love the pie idea. You can never bake just ONE pie…I mean, let’s be real. 😉

  3. Um, cutest thing ever! You are too thoughtful and I want to do all of these fun fall activities–especially apple picking and pie making. Fall is the best and your fall action plan makes me green with envy. When I had roommates, we used to have an annual Fall for Fall party with all sorts of cozy food and fun games. Maybe I’ll try to reboot that this year 🙂

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