my zips are lipped

Summer months are spent soaking up the sun lakeside, dining with friends on patios and rooftops, and cruising the streets for weekend festivals.  The atmosphere is lively, fun, and spirited.  When the air starts to chill, however, things seem to get a little more cozy and intimate.  We take the party inside, and we spend our time with our nearest and dearest.  In my world, that means a lot of dinner parties, game nights, and movie marathons.

Tonight is the beginning of trivia season, and Jon has been quizzing me to prepare for the season opener: “Who was the last player in major league baseball to hit over 50 homeruns in a single season?” He’s a bit of a sports nut, so his questions keep me knowledge about baseball, football and basketball.  Go ahead, ask me anything about the 2000 Rosebowl.  Do it.

Trivia is just the beginning of game season for us, and our apart(y)ment will be hosting lots of game nights before the new year begins.  To keep things exciting, I’ve started looking for new  games to share with friends.  My picks are below, but I’m anxious to know  you play when you’re stuck inside —  any recommendations?



29 thoughts on “my zips are lipped

  1. The last several days have reminded me that the nostalgia of days gone by is often the key to the future. In the age of digital dominance, the classic board game has lost its rightful place in many households. Me, I love board games 🙂 We have a closet full of them that we pull out quite regularly. Ironically, we have ‘Ticket To Ride’ and my son quite enjoys it being a train fanatic. Any game that gets you to think, laugh, and interact with others is a good game 😉

  2. Game nights are the best!!! My favorite board games are Cranium and Clue; so much fun! Also, if you have an iSomething you should definitely download Ellen’s free game “Head’s Up”! It’s like a mixture between Taboo and Charades. 🙂

  3. Eee I love your blog! 🙂 I found your sweet comment on my paella recipe at Club Narwhal.

    Trivia sounds fun. My friends and I love Settlers of Catan, and even moreso with the expansion packs! Each set adds a great layer of strategy. 🙂

    Have a blast! Your game nights sound great.

  4. taboo and apples to apples are my favorite!! i love board games and my family always plays them when we get together for the holidays. 🙂
    ps i posted a photo on instagram of the vase you made me with flowers in it! you have to look, i tagged you in it too!

  5. We love board games and have some vintage ones too. The great thing about games is the fun and memories it creates! My favorite ones include Clue, Monopoly, StockTicker and a classic baseball one. My husband and I are competitive so we make it fun when it is just the two of us (loser cleans the house, makes dinner, etc.). Great blog post! 🙂

  6. good picks! i like qwirkle…mainly b/c the kiddos can play it with us : ) and while it is not a board game i lllooooovvveee tetris. my siblings and i used to play and healthy amount. lol.

  7. Oh my GOSH I love Settlers of Catan. So dorky but SO fun. We just bought my father-in-law Setters of Catan: Star Trek. Yes. They DO have a Star Trek version. And it’s awesome.
    We tend to play a lot of card games…hearts, kings corner, golf, etc. It can get pretty intense. LOVE game nights! 🙂

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