woo hoo for you


The US Census estimates the world population at 7,113,000,000.  In terms of birthdays, 19 ½ million people are entitled to blow out candles and eat cake every single day of the year.

With millions&millions of birthdays being celebrated each day, it might seem silly to focus too much on the annual celebration.   When you think about birthdays as an opportunity to celebrate a unique individual, however, it seems like much, much bigger deal.  If that quirky person is your BFF or your sweetheart, you may even want to organize a street parade or a block party.

The people we love bring something unique to our lives, and for one day, we have the opportunity to celebrate how special they are.  It’s so simple and happy, really: a birthday is a reminder to celebrate the unique qualities that each of us bring to the world.  Think about what makes your friends and family special, put on a party hat, and make a toast to their individuality.

I’m having a birthday this week, and kind letters from friends and family have already arrived to make me smile.  Their sweet notes have inspired me to research creative HBD cards.  I zoomed around the web, and this is what I found:


Quite a variety of ways to a say HBD, right?  Everything from your standard birthday card to a pinata in the mail to a cookie greeting card.  Which card would you most like to receive?

17 thoughts on “woo hoo for you

  1. Have a fun birthday week! I love birthdays too and making people feel extra special on their day.

    A few years ago on my birthday, I went out to my car. Underneath the windshield wiper was a white envelope. I was so excited that someone had remembered my birthday and had decided to surprise me, but only to find out it was ticket for expired tabs. Thanks city of Minneapolis. Boo! Here’s to actual cards under windshield wipers and not tickets! 🙂

  2. Love the send a hug card. It is very creative and it just made me smile 🙂 Happy birthday to you. I hope you have an amazing birthday this week and un-birthday every other day of the year 😉

  3. Happy Birthday week! ANOTHER one of us in September?? 😀 I LOVE celebrating birthdays, just being happy that somebody was born and I met them and I get to share life with them. And cake is great.

  4. Happy Early birthday! Even though there are thousands of birthdays every day, it is special because you were born on that day! We celebrate birthdays in our house anywhere from 2-4 weeks! Sometimes more! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and may the coming year be filled with awesome adventures that you will share with us in great detail! 😉

  5. Oh my that Facebook birthday card is hilarious. SO true! I love birthdays. My husband’s family is really into celebrating not only birthdays but also HALF birthdays…they make half a cake and everything. Pretty cute. Of course, he would choose to marry someone who lacks a half birthday (February has no 31 😦 ), but we celebrate anyways! I hope your birthday week is rockin! Take lots of pictures! 😉

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