happily ever now

I truly intend to write about things besides love and kindness. My head is filled with tales of mystery, stories of adventure, and legends of the past.  When I start typing, however, my fingers get all excited about the love stories and, quite simply, ruin whatever else I was planning to write.

Okay, okay, now and again I get to draw silly pictures and make jokes.  More often than not, however, I’m writing about love, friendship, and the kindness of strangers.  Maybe I’ll break the habit, but today was filled with too much goodness to be a starting point.  Perhaps next week I will get to the action-packed sci-fi adventures.

As for today, Jon played hookie from work so we could take a color-drive, visit the zoo, and have dinner at my favorite rooftop restaurant.  When we got home, my sweet friends had decorated the apartment with birthday surprises – it was some kind of wonderful.

My brother-in-law and my aunt have birthdays this week, and so I spent the early morning (before the color-drive) making birthday cards and envelopes.  The envelopes were a fun project because I made them out of wrapping paper and mod-podge.  If you’re wanting to try a fun twist on the classic greeting card, here are the steps:

Pick a wrapping paper, a card (any size) and grab some mod-podge:Image
Place the greeting card in the center of the wrapping paper, just like you’re planning to wrap a present:
Pull the bottom of the wrapping paper over the center of the card and make a solid crease:Image
Wrap the sides of the wrapping paper over over the back of the card:
Cut the wrapping paper where at the top of the greeting card.  Use mod-podge to glue the wrapping paper covering the right and left sides of the greeting card to the wrapping paper that you pulled over the center of the card.  It should look like this:
Cut excess wrapping paper form the top of the card:
Fold the top of the wrapping paper into a triangle:Image
Tape the triangle over the back of the card:Image
Front of the card (mine is being hand-delivered, but you could also put the address here):Image

I made a simple card to go inside:
Just a regular ‘happy birthday’ stamp with white ink on red paper:Image
Here are some outtakes from my day with Jon.ImageImageImageImageImage1-IMG_6691


23 thoughts on “happily ever now

  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day and my favorite picture has got to be the final one of you! You are giggling and full of pure happiness! 😀 It totally made me smile too!

    Thank you also for the creative birthday card idea! I will have to try that! 🙂

  2. happy birthday!! i would love to spend my birthday at the zoo 🙂 i love that your friends surprised you – you look so happy!! have a great weekend and enjoy your new year!

  3. Jen,

    Woohoo! So much birthday goodness happening in this post. You commented on my blog about the Minnesota moving card–let me know if you need help with it!

    Happy birthday,

  4. Playing hooky is my favorite thing and it looks like you guys got to have a perfect “free” day! Also, Happy, happy birthday. And I LOVE your mod podge project. I had a mod podge party when I was 10 but haven’t used it since then–this looks like an easy craft that even I couldn’t mess up 🙂 PS: Where did you get that amazing stamp!?

  5. Hope your birthday was very happy!

    Nope I haven’t started the book for our October meeting yet … but the other book club I am in seems to have coincidentally selected the very same read for its October meeting as well so I better track down a copy soon! I’ve knocked a few other books off my “to-read” list lately though – “Life of Pi,” “Let’s Discuss Diabetes with Owls,” “The Casual Vacancy,” and “Gone Girl.” Have you read any other good books lately besides our group’s picks?

    Have a wonderful week!

    • hey riva!! when can i read *your* bog?? hehe, just kidding 🙂 i just ordered the book for the october meeting, but right now i’m reading (and loving) orange is the new black. i loved gone girl- what did you think? and isn’t casual vacancy another book by JKR?

      • I enjoyed reading Gone Girl but at the end I had so many questions and felt a little let down by the intentional open ending. I hope there will be a sequel because it seems like what’s to come will be even more of a twisted page-turner than what already occurred.

        Casual Vacancy IS by JKR! It was way more depressing than I thought it would be – no clear-cut good vs evil like in Harry Potter. I’m not sure if I would recommend it or not. I didn’t realize OITNB was a book as well as a TV show – I need to check both versions out since I hear such good things!

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