happy ding dong ditch

I’m good at getting into trouble.  To be honest, I even kind of like it — there is just something so irresistibly fun about all that risky behavior.  In elementary school I planned secret get togethers in the bathroom during class (everyone meet at the bathroom at 10am — don’t be late), by middle school I was sneaking out to toilet paper houses with my best friends (we only decorated our friends’ houses – it was an act of love), and in high school I was regularly tubing down the flumes on a friday night.  Oops.

My risky behavior went a little rah rah rah tonight with a happy ding dong ditch adventure.  The mission was simple: place a mason jar filled with flowers on a doorstep, ring the bell, and run.  Repeat 5 times.
I called my friends and told them I had a surprised planned for the evening.  No questions asked, they showed up at 8pm ready for anything.  They are much too lovely to cause any trouble on their own:789
Zi Lin was the first brave soul to sneak up the steps and leave a flower jar.  Chrissy, Lauren and I planned to watch from behind the bushes, but we got nervous and ran away fast.  We felt like pros by the second-go-round, however, and we remained composed when we got caught on the third ding dong ditch.  “Hey! What are the flowers about?” a youngish-man yelled from his recently invaded doorstep.  We stopped, spun around, and told him it was a happy ding dong ditch.  He smiled and thanked us for the flowers.  We walked away wishing we had started up a conversation and gotten his number (not for me, of course, but for my 3 cute&single friends).

31 thoughts on “happy ding dong ditch

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so AWESOME!!! You and your friends are so lovely and so sweet!!! Maybe you could go back to the house with the bachelor in question for your friends with another RAH RAH RAH project? Maybe even get him in on it? 🙂 (That would be a fun ice breaker!) What a fun project! The world needs more people like you and your friends.<3

    • OR we just have to be prepared next time with a good pick-up-line or 2 or 3. Gotta be quick, right? Most people probably just don’t think they are about to crush on the person they ding dong ditch 🙂 Next time!

  2. What a great way to ring in Fall! I love love LOVE those flowers! I remember doing something similar for May Day when I was little. I would make little bouquets of spring flowers and put them on the door of all my neighbors. 🙂 You brought such a smile to everyone’s faces! AWESOME! 🙂

  3. SUCH a fun idea! We used to do something like this around Halloween…we’d give them a little pumpkin basket of candy at their door instead of asking for candy from them. I love this though! “What are the flowers about?” Baha!

      • I have no idea what we’ll do for Halloween! I’m sure Darrin will want to dress up like Batman or something…he’s secretly a 5 yr old. But it could be fun to do something creative! I’ve gotta brainstorm…

  4. Wish I could’ve joined in! Must do it again and pick another neighborhood! Possibly on my birthday? I wanna give rather than receive 🙂

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