gimme s’more

Fall weather makes me want to sit around a bonfire and roast s’mores with my closet friends.  In a best-case-scenario, we’re sitting below a starry sky with caramel swirl marshmallows and ghiradelli chocolate.  We listen to Lorde on the stereo until the sun comes up, and then we take the canoes out to watch the sunrise on the water. Image
Sounds like a perfect weekend, right?  It’s based on actual plans for an upcoming cabin weekend, but, as for now, I’ll do my second favorite fall activity: read inside while I listen to the rain fall in the streets.  In this best-case-scenario, I’m drinking mulled apple cider and surrounded by candles. Image
Jon and I took a drive out to the country to see the changing leaves, and the trip inspired me to make fall-inspired mason jar candles.  Perfect for keeping me company while I’m reading on rainy days.  If you’re interested, the process is detailed below:
Fill the outer rim of a mason jar with fall leaves:
I used double-sided tape to secure a candle wick at the bottom of a mason jar:Image
My wick stood straight for the majority of the project, but toward the end I secured it between two knives:
I melted soy wax in a microwave-safe bowl:
And then poured the wax into the mason jar and around the candle wick.  When the wax dried, the candle looked like so:

19 thoughts on “gimme s’more

  1. What a terrific Fall idea! I never think to make my own candles! I love the picture of you, Jen, by the water’s edge! Have a great weekend at the cabin! 🙂

  2. Star gazing and sunrise watching seem like perfect activities to take in the beauty and magic of nature! Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming adventure! And your noggin is fantastic by the way- what a neat DIY idea!!!

  3. Oh wow you made those candles? That is really lovely and inspiring. I have a citronella plant and we were thinking about making candles (just not got around to it!).

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