positive change

They say time changes things, but that’s not true – it’s people that make the changes.   Change happens one person at a time, step by step and choice by choice.  External change is inevitable, and even if we don’t make a conscious effort to change, we still change irregardless in relation to our evolving environment.

My random act of happiness today was focused on change, and, more exactly, positive change.  Change is inevitable, but my hope is that people intervene in their own lives to make positive change not only possible, but probable.

I made smiley faces with a .75” diameter, printed them on sticker paper, and then attached them to the back of pennies.  With a pile of ‘positive change’ in my hands, I went about the business of leaving happy pennies around the neighborhood.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage1-IMG_88941-IMG_88771-IMG_88831-IMG_8860
Personal change starts with yourself, and you alone are responsible for the things that happen to you.   If you don’t like where you are, consider changing directions.  Forging a new path might be difficult, but it’s ultimately much easier than remaining in an undesirable situation.
If you want to make your own positive change, you can print out template here:positivechange

27 thoughts on “positive change

  1. Hey Jen! Just wondering, you said “Forging a new path might be difficult, but it’s ultimately much easier than remaining in an undesirable situation.” Is this something you’ve personally experienced?

    • Interesting comment – you’re very insightful 🙂 I promise I wouldn’t preach about something I had no idea about. I’ve considered writing about my past on the blog, but it’s pretty raw and incredibly personal, so I always side against it. It does make my posts seem a bit flippant though, huh?

      • My dear, you are the opposite of flippant! I did not think that for a second. Rather, the sentence just piqued my interest because it’s something that I wish was true, and was interested in whether you had experienced it personally. If so, I can only say that stories like that would give me, and other people, a lot of courage in being true to themselves. However, I’m not saying that you should write about it either. The only thing you should do is what you feel comfortable with taking on, and I will not think any different of you either way xo

      • I think you make a good point though – -I come across rather preachy without any context. I will have you know, however, that I’m writing a book that will talk about my past and how I overcame it (that will just be a small part, but, ya know). I think those sorts of things are more suited to a novel format than an open forum.. the ideas just need to be more eloquently laid out than tossed on a post, if that makes sense. Anyway, I appreciate your sincere comments and hope that you find the blog inspiring despite the lack of background information 🙂

  2. What a simple and cute idea!! I feel like this would be such a fun exercise for kids– its true change starts with you. The earlier people learn that the happier I think they will be.

  3. What a great idea! Creating a pocketful of smiles! I love it and I am going to try it! 🙂 Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today, Jen! 🙂

  4. I absolutely loved this! I swear to myself I’m creative, but ideas like this never even cross my mind. Totally borrowing this, if you don’t mind… 🙂

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