turnip the beet

Weird is wonderful and the silliest people are my favorite.  That’s the mentality that makes a fanny-pack-attack a typical Sunday night adventure.

I told Lauren that fanny packs were making a comeback, and rather than question my line of reasoning, she simply replied that fanny packs could hold large quantities of chalk.  Smart girl, right?

Lauren skipped the fashion debate and suggested a sidewalk art project.  A couple texts later we decided that I would sew two fanny packs, fill them with chalk, and meet her outside our apartment at 7pm.   By nightfall, we had covered the sidewalks outside our building with a dozen happy messages. Rah rah rah, y’all. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage1-IMG_93191-IMG_93241-IMG_9327

25 thoughts on “turnip the beet

  1. Oh goodness, what a terrific idea! Sidewalk art is so fun and brings such a smile to people’s faces. I love the colorful fanny packs too! 🙂 (Did you know that some cities have banned sidewalk chalk? Scrooges they are!)

  2. This reminds me of the time spent coloring when I was a child. It is very therapeutic and is just plain fun 🙂 And I am not too shy to say that my son and I still do the same with chalk out on our driveway and front sidewalk. We create new cities, inventions, and worlds using only chalk and our imaginations. You’re never too old for that 😉

      • As a matter of fact, yes 😉 As you may have guessed from my last post, Legos are somewhat popular in our house. The funny thing is that there is something alluring about the chalk on the sidewalk thing. Every time you leave the house and then come back, it is there for you to appreciate and smile at like a warm welcome home reminder. And when Mother Nature decides to clean the slate with a rain shower, it is just another opportunity to start anew and create something even better 🙂

  3. I’ve been trying to bring the fanny pack back forever! Seriously, it’s the greatest … no need to wear out your shoulder hauling a purse around ;0) Anytime you need more fanny pack adventures … call me!!!! Ha!!

  4. Thank the good Lord for sidewalk chalk! So fun! It’s tough for me to walk past a sidewalk chalk hop-scotch and NOT jump through. I mean, who could pass up that opportunity?! Love the fun messages. I’m sure there were a lot of brighter Mondays due to such bright messages! 🙂

  5. Hahaha! Ah, I love this post. Random chalk scrawls are the BEST… they always inspire me when I walk past them (partly because chalk is just happy paint, and I love the fact that someone was thoughtful enough to put it there). Love the Coldplay lyrics that you guys snuck in there. I definitely need to get me some fanny packs (we call them ‘bum bags’ over here) and chalk 😉 xx

  6. First of all, fanny packs are TOTALLY making a comeback (at least in my head–I’m glad you agree)! And those cute packs definitely hold a world of chalk. What a fun project–especially the sidewalk chalking 🙂

  7. Haha what a great idea! Fanny packs are so coming back! In college, we would take to the sidewalk and chalk it up with messages such as “Spread some volunteer kindness this Saturday” at so and so place or things like “Have a great day!”, the “World is yours!” It was a lot of fun and I miss it as much as I hate the chalkiness of chalk in my hands. Kudos to you for spreading some love around your apartment 🙂

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