sorry, im26c4u!

Which came first: the cake or the book?  It’s a hard question to answer because it’s difficult to imagine a world without sweet treats or engaging novels.

My friend Clare and I created a book club called Bookmarks and Napkins to celebrate our mutual love for literacy and lemons.  Okay, not literacy and lemons, eating and reading, but literacy and lemons sounds much more eloquent, doesn’t it?  The basic premise of the club is that we read a book, and then we each make a dish inspired by the novel.
The Cuckoo’s Calling was the novel for October, and since the book takes place in London, I used the map above (a guide to London’s culinary scene) for inspiration.  I googled and yahooed and yelped all the noted hot spots, and at the end of it all, I was just craving something truly American: Apple Pie.

Since I live in Minneapolis, I decided to make pies from “mini-apples.”  All in all, I absolutely failed to follow the rules of book club, but I did manage to make some pretty delicious “mini-apple” pie:
PS: I learned about im26c4u yesterday, and it’s been making me giggle ever since.  Do you have any coded messages that make you smile when you see them?

20 thoughts on “sorry, im26c4u!

  1. I was a part of a book club about 10 years ago that did this and it was such fun! I love how you gave in to your craving for apple and made adorable mini apple pies! Love it! 🙂 Sometimes you have to feed your cravings! Have a super sunny day!

      • LOL! I should start one up. I moved 3,000 miles away to get married and work always seemed to get in the way. I love to read and it would be so much to start one up! Thanks for inspiring me, Jen! Now to come up with a catchy name… 😉

    • The mini pies definitely made it easier to serve all of the book club — none of the mess of scooping pies and finding plates and whatnot 🙂 Think i might do mini pumpkin pies for thanksgiving:)

  2. Literacy and lemons, that is awesome 🙂 Great idea! And although it is completely off topic (sort of), we just received an order for fresh-picked North Carolina apples and finished baking a full-size apple pie last night. Yum 🙂

  3. Yay! Our book club 😀 I’m so glad we whipped up that little idea … reading and eating, honestly … does it get much better than that?! Literacy and Lemons … me thinks there’s something there! When life hands you literature, make lemonade … wait, no … that doesn’t work ;0)

    Your mini apple pies were delicious … I didn’t eat nearly enough!

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