ace in the hole

Quick fact: Researchers at Berkeley refer to Darwin’s work as “survival of the kindest.”

Darwin believed that charity evolved to ensure the survival of family and build prosperous communities.  The idea of helping family seems instinctive, but the argument for community is that individuals benefit from a stimulating, creative and progressive environment.  People reach their full potential when their community inspires and motivates them to fully develop as individuals.

Our inclination for altruism is so engrained that we’re capable of becoming addicted to the good feeling it provides.  Jordan Grafman, neuroscientist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, published a study confirming that philanthropy provides the same high as eating chocolate cake, having great sex, or winning at the blackjack table.  Philanthropy just feels that good.

My hands spent today crafting a paper wreath for the holidays, but my mind was working overtime to plan a fun random act of happiness for tomorrow.  The wreath is below, and I’ll share my super silly experiment with you right after it happens (as always):ImageImageImageImageImage

9 thoughts on “ace in the hole

  1. Love the wreath! And I’m with ya on philanthropy just feeling good. Although, the true challenge may be to help and show kindness to others even when it doesn’t “feel good” but is STILL right.
    Rock on girl! Love your acts of happiness. And their documentation too, of course. 😉

  2. Pretty! I was thinking about you the other day…and decided that you need to set up a deal with a scrapbook company. Where you write a book of crafts/rahrahrah and include the paper necessary to complete the crafts!

  3. Jen, you are the cutest girl in the world and your smiling face always brings a smile to my face each morning! Thank you for that! 😀

    I love your wreath and I wish I had more time to be creative like you! How long did it take to do that wreath?

    Darwin nailed it on the head! Kudos to him! Humans are protective creatures and I think that we need to get back to that kind of society where we help others. It not only makes us feel good inside but it is the foundation of a great society! Something to ponder as I make my lunch today!

    Have a wonderful day full of sunshine and love! 🙂

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