adults only

You know that feeling when everything suddenly comes together?  The moment I’m talking about proceeds weeks and possibly months or years of endless worrying.  The type of worrying that springs up while you’re running on the treadmill, writing a term paper, or trying to boil water, and all of a sudden, you can’t stop wondering: Am I doing the right thing?  What if this is a disastrous idea?  Then you silence your mind because you have chosen instead of logic, you will follow your intuition.  Yes, always intuition.  If you haven’t figured me out yet, that’s the way I work – I follow the signs, I go where they lead.  No pros and cons chart for this girl.

It’s tricky to determine all the things that could go right about a project, and so I usually just go straight ahead with any experiment that crosses my mind.  This method has produced my best and my worst ideas.  A classic example of how our greatest strength can be also be our greatest weakness, right?1-IMG_9558
Today, everything with my experiment went totally wrong and made me wish I had a boss that vetoed all my bad ideas.  The flipside is that being left to my own devices usually makes for a pretty good story.  1-IMG_9560
The oddball quirky story for today is that I had a not-so-brilliant-but-well-intentioned idea to make an ‘adults-only’ play zone at the park.  I wasn’t intending to play in it or anything, but I thought the concept was pretty important, and might encourage people to be a little silly.

Anyway, I roped off an area between some trees with streamers, and then I blew up tons and tons of balloons to fill up the play zone.  Bad idea, right?  I guess I don’t have any experience with balloons, but it simply didn’t occur to me that they would blow like wild and be all over the streets within 2 minutes.

Oops!  Drivers started honking and I was chasing down the balloons and I definitely made more people angry than happy.1-IMG_9569
My little brother called in the middle of the mayhem, and I explained the situation.  He calmly told me that I should just fill the balloons with candy and hang them around for people that might need cheering.

Anyway, I went home and did exactly as my little brother instructed:


1-IMG_9603 1-IMG_9604 1-IMG_9605 1-IMG_9610 1-IMG_9613 1-IMG_9621

15 thoughts on “adults only

  1. I love it and I was laughing uncontrollably when I got to the picture of the balloons crossing the street. I’m laughing with you, not at you 😉 As long as you smiled and enjoyed the time, there’s no way it could be considered a bad idea. After all, you made at least one of your readers smile 🙂 Keep going. As with most things, I have learned that “not-so good” ideas often lead to the brilliant ones.

  2. I love it! Thank you for sharing with us your adorable idea for an adults only part of the park! It was so funny to see the balloons on the road! Awww ignore the honking horns! People need to not take life so seriously! The best pic has got to be the purple pumpkin! WOW! Love it! 🙂

  3. SO funny. Love it. Without crazy adventures and mishaps, blogging would be boring. 😉 I’m sure you gave those drivers some great dinner table stories! Which makes it all totally worth it.

    Love the candy in the balloons! That would be a great party favor too! Awesome.

  4. Your brother is a genius (it must run in the family :)! And I definitely think an adult play zone is a necessary thing. I sometimes love when my projects fail because it usually opens up the way to answer another problem I’m working on.

  5. That’s too funny… I can just imagine you running after all of those, but the frustration too! Anyway, I love how you saved the day, and I totally wouldn’t mind if you want to move to our neighbourhood 😉

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