stop drop kaboom

It was the best of times and it was the, no wait, full stop.  It was simply the best of times.  I wish I could report on an uber-exciting weekend, but, alas, I spent all of Friday & Saturday helping Jon recover from the flu.  Instead of donning a costume or visiting friends, I made chicken noodle and caught up on Shark Tank with my favorite man.  Side note: does anyone else love that show?

Come Sunday morning, however, I was up and at um’ for some rah rah rah action.  My game plan? Bring sweet treats and thank you notes to the local firemen at Station 8.
I expected to ring the bell, drop the treats and be on my way.  A quick and easy gift to make the men smile, and then poof bam be gone.  The firemen were so grateful for the chocolates, however, that they invited me inside to the see the engine.  I got a little excited about that, and, before you know it, I was stomping around in a fire suit learning the tricks of the trade (hot tip: always leave a little skin exposed when entering a fire so that you are cognizant of the rising temperate – if your skin starts to burn, get out.)
I got a tour of the kitchen, and I was impressed with the spread of pancakes, bacon, eggs, donuts, and sausage on the table.  The firemen explained that they always did a big Sunday brunch together, and that they all take turns cooking.  Kind of like a family, right?
The tour ended at the firehouse dorms where 21 men sleep in shifts.   A fireman made a joke about the exposed pillows, and then his station mate explained that they are always short on pillowcases.   So, can you guess what I’m doing? Organizing a pillowcase-drive with my apartment building.  A very near random act of happiness will involve returning to this fire station with loads of linens.

Kaitlyn and Sarah spread some joy to public officers with their own rah rah rah project in Milwaukee.  Head over to their blog, TheDuck&TheOwl, to read about how they spread happiness throughout their corner of the Midwest.

23 thoughts on “stop drop kaboom

  1. The unexpected occurrences in our life can often be the most influential. Awesome example on how simple acts of kindness can change the world 😉 It is always incredible how one simple act can ripple outwards and affect so many different people. You have obviously inspired your local fire station crew to share their passion for helping others. Passing your story on to others has inspired us also, thank you! The power of chocolate and a simple act of kindness is pretty amazing, isn’t it? 😉

  2. JEN! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! I admire you so incredibly much.
    P.S. I watch Shark Tank! I’ve always been a little embarrassed, because I feel like that marks me as a forty-year old. But seriously, it’s fantastic 🙂

  3. Oh goodness, are you one adorable fire girl! Next thing you’re going to tell me is that you are going to fire girl school to be the first female fire person at that station! You are so fantastic!!! I love it!

    Chocolate is an amazing thing and you sharing them with the local firemen just made my day! 🙂

    Awww how cute about you doing a pillowcase drive! So sweet! 😉

    Keep spreading random acts of kindness and I hope Jon is feeling better! *hugs*

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