so fresh, so clean

Is there anything happier than snowfall on a sunny day?  Snowflakes shimmer in the sunlight and the world feels overwhelmingly clean and fresh.   The only trouble is deciding whether to walk through the white landscape or watch the snowflakes fall from the warmth of the couch (preferably while bundled in blankets and sipping cider).

Today, a little bit of problem solving let me have the best of both worlds: I spent the morning walking the lakes with Kinzie, and then we bundled up to observe the snow from inside the apartment.

To be honest, walking in the morning and bundling in the afternoon is becoming a bit of a pattern for me.  I’m eager to enjoy the last walkable days of the season, and a steady stream of inspiring novels keeps me pinned to the couch (with the phone on silent.)
I rate my afternoon books by my ability to make plans while reading the novel.  The rating system works like this: if I’m too absorbed by the story to meet you for dinner, 5 stars, and if I forget to read for a week, 2 stars.

All that said, I didn’t answer calls or go out to dinner while reading The Rosie Project:
I met all sorts of friends for brunch and shopping while I worked my way through Orange is the New Black:
I feigned sickness to finish Tell the Wolves I’m Home as quickly as possible:

20 thoughts on “so fresh, so clean

  1. Love your rating system! This is actually perfect because I have been looking for a few good reads. I feel like it has been forever since I’ve read a good, can’t-put-it-down kind of book. I am definitely up for all your recommendations!

  2. That rating system makes so much sense! Every once in a while I stumble across a book that’s so intriguing that I’ll make all sorts of excuses why I don’t need to do anything else because I must keep reading till I finish. Those are the best kind. Then there’s the books that you’re not even sure why you keep reading because you don’t care about the characters…but you feel you have to finish because that’s the “rule.”

    p.s. You guys should totally start using that panda costume more often! My relatives have come to expect bear sightings at every family get together these days.

    • You nailed it with needing to care about the characters — If i’m invested in their well-being, I’m loyal to the end and nothing will come between me finishing the book as quickly as possible. On the other hand, however, it could take a couple weeks if “I’m just not that into them.”

      And yes, I agree on the Panda. We have it at Jon’s parents right now, so it might be a couple weeks, but I’ll definitely try and get it on the blog as a tribute to you 🙂

  3. Genius rating system, I am intrigued simply by the title of that last book!! I will find a book good, but STILL take forever to get through it! I need to focus more haha. I like snow, but not so much down all over and around my house. However, your descriptions might just make me a believer.

  4. I love to walk when it is lightly snowing, especially in the early part of the season. I walk all year outside so I get to enjoy all the seasons! Awww Kinzie is adorable!

    As for your rating system, I love it! Feigning sick to finish a book! I am a HUGE reader and I will have to try your system. The big question is…

    What will you rate my book, “Princess of the Light” when it comes out???? 😉

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