out of the blue

Unexpected pleasures stop us in our tracks and remind us that life is good.  These bits of joy disrupt our day as a reminder to enjoy the moment and focus on the little things.  A welcome distraction, right?  Street art is a simple way to send an inspiring message to the masses, and the distraction from daily activities is almost always appreciated.

To get in on the action, I planned a small street art project of my own.  Without the innovation, budget or scope of the artists above (click on the pictures to learn more about their artwork) I still figured I could make my neighbors smile by ‘eye-bombing’ inanimate objects.  What do you think?  Is my silly little project worth a smile?


17 thoughts on “out of the blue

  1. Your googly eyes would make me smile! We live in a great city for street art. Every year they host the “artprize festival”–which means that sculptures and murals and all sorts of random pieces of art pop up all over the city, and every year a few more pieces become part of the permanent landscape, it really is fun to walk around downtown and spy something you’ve never seen before!

  2. The power of google eyes shines through 😉 Your eye for spotting the perfect location for these little works of art says a lot about your ability to see beneath the surface of so many things (and that’s why I enjoy your art and writing so much). If I had run across these on my street, they would be images captured on my phone right now 🙂 Thanks for the smile!

  3. I love the google eyes! They remind me of Sesame Street and fun artwork made out of macaroni! It brings a smile to my face and it is unexpected. That is the best part! 🙂 Keep smiling and sharing your joy with your neighbors! 🙂

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