the giving equation

The big white man makes a list and checks it twice.  Wise, right?  That list prevents him from walking around the mall, sipping an Orange Julius, and pondering which kids to buy gifts for.  Mr. Claus has a system, and he knows to secure a gift for Max and Anna but not Lily.  Luckily, children the world over send their Christmas wishes to the North Pole, and so he also knows exactly what to get: a bike for Max, a doll for Anna, and coal for Lily. Simple.

The week before Thanksgiving might seem a little extreme to begin Christmas shopping, but I’m fully committed to ‘the giving equation’ that determines just how early you should begin shopping.  Factors the equation considers:
1.) How many people you’re shopping for (family and close friends, of course – but what about the office? the neighbors?)
2.) How much time goes into each gift (do you already know what they want or do you have to figure it out? are you making this gift or purchasing?)
3.) Aversion to long lines and elevated shipping costs (strong aversion to both means you should begin a few days earlier than most)
4.) How long will it take to wrap your newly purchased gifts? (unless you’re planning to stick all items in a garbage bag, you’re probably going to need a day or so here).

My mother-in-law shares all my same interests (yes yes, my husband fulfilled that old-cliche) and so shopping for her is always my most simple Christmas task.  This year, Uncommon Goods let me pick her gift from their holiday collection, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Check out the goods:
A grow your own apple tree kit and a poetry word scramble? Perfect, right?  If perfect is too strong an adjective for you, at least grant me thoughtful and original.

Up next is the larger challenge of shopping for my husband.  Does every girl struggle in this category?  We have opposite interests, so I can’t exactly imagine what I would want, and so I usually nudge him for hints and then hit up the ‘christmas-gifts-for-men’ on shopping sites.  Uncommon Goods has some pretty promising gadgets to make him smile.  Y’all know Jon pretty well by now: which gifts do you think I should get?

An equation clock:

A portable ping pong set:
Home plate door mat:
Or maybe a whiskey stone gift set?  How cool would that be?  My main man is about to get pretty lucky, huh? And what about the gifts at the top of this post? I’m planning to model all my wrapping after the gorgeous designs by NINE+SIXTEEN.  Check out her blog for some more holiday inspiration 🙂

11 thoughts on “the giving equation

  1. I love that you are already thinking about Christmas shopping. Both my husband and I have already started our Christmas shopping. 🙂 We love Christmas and we agree with you that it is all about planning. I never have a problem finding a Christmas gift for my husband because we swap Christmas lists. 🙂 I do love that baseball HOME mat! How adorable! 🙂

  2. that apple tree idea is so cute! i’ve been thinking about christmas shopping already too, but i think i may try to make most of my gifts this year. paris really drained my bank account…

  3. I’m trying to convince my husband that we really need to get serious about Christmas shopping pretty soon, at least for his family since we’re visiting them for Christmas. My family is traveling so my parents have decreed no presents since they don’t have any space for packing them. I love that wooden block word scramble and the equation clock definitely appeals to my secret nerdy side.

  4. I’m always so last minute with Christmas, which is kind of fun…but also kind of not at the same time. Ha….I’m going to try to be better this year. Also, that poetry word scramble may have just made it to my Christmas list. Love!

  5. My parents are both getting new cell phone covers from my. My mom got a white leather one at the verizon store when she got her phone and its pretty banged up, my dad is getting one of those covers with extra battery, because he needs it.

  6. I love getting all my xmas shopping done in November… but my hubby is a last minute shopper– now that we are married we have to buy more gifts together… this should be interesting…

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